1950 Born in Saitama.
1975 Graduated from Kyoto Institute of Technology.
Graduate School of Design, M. Eng.
1982 Gallery Art-Space-Niji, Kyoto.
1984 Gallery Space to Space, Nagoya.
1985 Video Gallery NORTH FORT, Osaka.
'92 '94
Westbeth Gallery, Nagoya.
1990 Shinsakae Gallery ev, Nagoya.
'98 '00
'04 '06
Westbeth Gallery Kozuka, Nagoya.
Exhibition of Visual Expression, Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, Kyoto.
'84 '85 '86
'87 '88
Exhibition of Video Independents, Osaka Contemporary Art Center, Osaka.
'82 '84 '86
Exhibition of Video Space 300, Gallery Ite-za, Kyoto.
1983 The 12th Montreal International Festival of New Cinema.
Le Centre du Cinema Parallele, Canada.
1984 The 15th International Art Exhibition, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum,
Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art.
1984 Exhibition of "Videmus", Gallery RAKU, Kyoto.
1984 International Impact Art Festival '84, Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, Kyoto.
1986 New Year Show '86, NOVA Gallery, Nagoya.
1986 Exhibition of "Urban Installations", Apita Studio, Nagoya.
1987 WAVEFORMS : VIDEO FROM JAPAN at Opera Plaza Cinema,
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, California, U.S.A.
1987 VIDEO ART FROM F at Gallery F, Minogamo city, Gifu.
1988 WAVEFORMS : VIDEO/JAPAN, Miami Waves / New Music America, Miami, U.S.A.
1988 WAVEFORMS : Video Kunst, Japan, USA, Europe at DanishAcademy of Art,
Copenhagen, Denmark.
1988 WAVEFORMS : VIDEO/JAPAN, Houston Center for Photography, Texas, U.S.A.
1988 Exhibition of "An Adventure at Dongyu-an", Iwata Senshinkan, Inuyama city, Aichi.
1989 WAVEFORMS : VIDEO/JAPAN, Vancouver Art Gallery, Canada.
1989 WAVEFORMS : VIDEO/JAPAN, Seattle Art Museum, Washington, U.S.A.
1989 WAVEFORMS : VIDEO/JAPAN, Elvehjem Museum of Art,Wisconsin, U.S.A.
1989 WAVEFORMS : VIDEO/JAPAN, Video Pool at Artspace,Cinematheque, Winnipeg, Canada.
1989 European Media Festival, Osnabruck, Germany.
1989 WAVEFORMS : VIDEO/JAPAN, San Diego Museum of Art,California, U.S.A.
1989 Exhibition of Subway Art at subway terminals in Nagoya City,Gallery NAF, Nagoya.
1990 Median Operative, Berlin Film Festival, Germany.
1990 Montbeliard Video and Television Festival, Montbeliard, France.
1990 Exhibition of "FROM OUR HEARTS", The Museum of Fine Arts, Gifu.
1990 Australian Video Festival, Sydney, Australia.
1990 In Regard of Nature, Museum of Rhode Island School of Artand Design, U.S.A.
1990 Aarhus International Video Festival, Denmark.
1990 Exhibition of "Parce que", Nagoya Electriciy Museum, Nagoya.
1991 Vigo International Video Festival, Spain.
1991 Median Operative, Berlin Film Festival, Germany.
1991 Exhibition of "60 seconds", Shinsakae Gallery ev, Nagoya.
1991 Exhibition of Hara Museum Collection "In Regard to Nature", Hara Museum, Tokyo.
1991 Exhibition of "Image TV", HEARTFIELD GALLERY, Nagoya.
1991 Tohzan-so Contemporary Art Exhibition, Tohzan-so, Nagoya.
1992-'93 Exhibition of Nagoya Multimedia Art 92/93 -cool break-,Nagoya Citizens' Gallery.
1993 The 3rd International Biennale in Nagoya -ARTEC '93,
International Open Competition & Exhibition, Nagaya Science Museum.
Kyoto International Community House, Kyoto.
1994,'95,'96,'97,'98 Exhibition of "Eizou Kouryu Ten '94", Nagoya City Archive.
1995 Art Case, Westbeth Gallery Kozuka, Nagoya.
1996 Canned Art, Westbeth Gallery Kozuka, Nagoya.
1997 "Sound Art" Project at Iwakura City Symbol Road, Iwakura City, Aichi Pref.
1998 "Art, Play and Children", Program at Aichi Children's Center,Nagakute-cho, Aichi Pref.
1999 "Usagi usagi nani mite haneru", Westbeth Gallery Kozuka, Nagoya.
1999 Art port 15 "Media Select", Nagoya Port warehouse, Nagoya.
2000 "January 2000", Westbeth Gallery Kozuka, Nagoya.
2000 2000 Kyoto Arts Festival, "Creating Kyoto" / 10th Public Competition,
Daigoji- Temple, Kyoto.
2000 "The school is transformed into a museum / 2", Chikusadai Junior High School,
Nagoya city.
2001 "January 2001", Westbeth Gallery Kozuka, Nagoya.
2001 MEDIASELECT2001, No.20 Warehouse, Nagoya Port.
2002 "January 2002", Westbeth Gallery Kozuka, Nagoya.
2002 The Early Works of Video Art in Japan, ISEA2002 MEDIASELECT Program,
Nagoya Port Building.
2002 Tsuyama Art Festival, Sakusyu-Mingeikan, Tsuyama city, Okayama pref.
2003 "January 2003", Westbeth Gallery Kozuka, Nagoya.
2003 Daikan-yama installation '03, Daikan-yama park, Tokyo.
2004 "January 2004", Westbeth Gallery Kozuka, Nagoya.
2004 COLD_SCHOOL MS004, Toyoda Auditorium, Nagoya University.
2005 "January 2005", Westbeth Gallery Kozuka, Nagoya.
2005 Daikan-yama installation '05, Sugekari park, Tokyo.
2006 "January 2006", Westbeth Gallery Kozuka, Nagoya.
2006 Retrospective Exhibition of the Early Video Art, Gallery Yada, Nagoya.
2007 Osaka Art Kaleidoscope 2007, Mengyo Kaikan, Osaka
2007 Radical Communication : Japanese Video Art, 1968-1988,The Getty Research Institute,
Los Angeles
2008 Aichi Children's Center Special Exhibition:Discover New Plays, Aichi Children's Center,
Aichi prefecture
2011 Osaka Canvas, Nakanoshima Park and Hachiken-ya hama, Osaka
2011 Kyuhoissiki, Jokai-so, Komaki city, Aichi prefecture
2011 Tokonama Field Trip 2011, Tokoname city, Aichi prefecture
1991 "Listen the Body"/1986 : Art Com Video 2,
Waveforms : Video/Japan, Art Com/San Francisco.
1991 "Memoirs of a Gardener"/1988 : Art Com Video 5,
In Regard of Nature : New Video from Japan, Art Com/San Francisco.
2010 Joint translation publication
1997 Sound Intersection, Iwakura City Symbol Road, Iwakura City, Aichi Pref.