Video Installation "BETWEEN Scheme" in a Tea Ceremony Room

by Yoshiomi YAMAGUCHI

There is a pond in the garden of Dongyu-an. I made a fountain in the pond, and installed a video camera in the garden. The camera took images and sounds of the fountain, and transmitted them to a video monitor in the service room adjoined the tea ceremony room.

In this service room, I set a big pot filled with water. The images on the video monitors were reflected head foremost on the surface of the water. In the pot, goldfishes were kept.

The reflected images were taken by another video camera and transmitted to the next tea ceremony room. The sounds of the fountain were also transmitted to the next room.

I set a wood board in the tea ceremony room. This board was dug and filled with water. I set a video monitor on this board behind the water. The inverted video images transmitted from the next room were refrected on the surface of the water again turned upside up. Sometimes goldfishes in the next room came to the surface, at that time, the video images trembled and a red group passed in the images. A microphone set by the board catched sounds in this room. These sounds were transformed into vibrations of a plumb suspended on the water to ripple the surface. When sounds were catched, the images on the surface of the water trembled, too.

I set three big mirrors in this tea ceremony room. These mirrors enlarged and distorted the space visually. Many images could be seen here and there in this room. And the audiences could not escape from the images of themselves. And also, these mirrors provided low view points to see the images on the surface of the water clearly.